Saturday, January 5, 2013

FTF 01/04/2013

Ah! so I totally forgot the new quote for this week!
So here's one! 

Have fun with it!

"I wonder how many wishes a star can give?"
                                                -Winnie the Pooh

I thought this was a really cute one! I look forward to making a post for it!


Friday, January 4, 2013

FTF 12/28/12 Response

So general rule of thumb for scanning artwork is that anyone's piece generally looks better when it's shrunken down rather then when it is made bigger....well maybe this is just one of those pieces that you should only look at in the thumbnail. I decided to play around with ink and brush for this one. ...looking back at it I wish I had the foresight to use better paper. I had used computer paper because I thought it would be just a sketch. In person I also think it looks decent...thought when it was scanned you can see all the small imperfections. ...It's not unlikely that I am being really critical about my work, especially when it is being shown to other people. Guess that means I have to put a lot more effort into the posts I do on here. You can only regret what you didn't put full effort into!! 

Anyway I hope you enjoy regardless!

-Jenni -^.^-

Sunday, December 30, 2012

FTF 12/28/12 Quote

Ok still attempting to keep on track here!! 

So let's try his quote!

" American's eat about 100 acres of pizza each day."
                                                      -unknown source

yeah I know what your thinking..."Way to go Jenn, looking where you you got the quote from *tisk tisk*" .....Eh well you can' be perfect at everything! I apologize to the source! I don't remember who you are! But yay Pizza!

Have fun with it XD


FTF 12/21/12 Response

I'm going to be honest, I wasn't feeling any great ideas for this one. So I did a little doodle so that I had something to put up. I hope this shows those who want to follow along that you don't always have to have some great finished piece to contribute. Even If it's a doodle or a quick piece, what really is important is that something gets done. We'll all have our off days. 

I've been playing around a lot with white mediums on top of black paper. I think that with the right skills it could be a great way to represent your subject matter. Though I cannot say that I am particularly skilled at it. It is a totally different way of thinking to lay down all the areas that are hit by light instead of all the shadows. It's a great way to work your brain. You should all try it! 


Thursday, December 27, 2012

A very magical Christmas!

I drew this up on Christmas day. I hadn't really done fan art in a very long time but I was watching movies and felt inspired XD. So here is a little Christmas scene with Turnip Head, Markl, and Heen from Howl's Moving Castle (One of my favorites!!!). I hope you enjoy -^.^- ! 

Now that I look at it posted I think it's funny that the expression on Markl's face looks like he's posing for a portrait photo at the mall XD. Haha! I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

FTF 12/21/12 Quote

Ok so I'm cheating. This is obviously getting posted a little late. But.....of well. Deal.... lol. Ok I can be a little mean but if I don't push you who will! ...that goes for myself too haha XD. Well we need to get back on track so here is what I think is an easy one. I'm sure anyone who watched disney movies will get this one in a heart beat. I picked an easy quote because regardless of when I posted this IT IS STILL DUE OF FRIDAY!!! Yes...Friday....But I really don't think it's asking too much because I bet the few of us who are doing this are doing it last minute anyway! o.o.....don't act like your not!  

"If you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew."
                                                   Disney's "Pocahontas" -1995 

Enjoy the quote! This is such a "blank canvas" so to speak. This is can be interpreted in a 
million ways and I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with!

-Jenni -^.^-

FTF 12/14/12 Response

ok so my track record isn't great so far. But if I may catch you up I really haven't been feeling well for the past week. I think i caught the flu, I was fighting a fever for quite a while. I actually did this piece on friday but was feeling so crappy that I just didn't have the energy to scan and load it. But now I'm feeling better. Just in time for Christmas!! So I hope you enjoy it. I'm not fully happy with it myself but I don't think it's too bad for not feeling well. I hope everyone is having a great Christmas! And let's hope that the New Year coming up is a great one! 

-Jenni -^.^-